Where would you most like to see the Metro extend to? Vote in our poll as council leaders have their say

Vote in our poll to tell us what you think about the future of the Metro.
Vote in our poll to tell us what you think about the future of the Metro.

Readers have been having their say on the future of the Tyne and Wear Metro service, and where they would like it extended to.

In the last week, North East leaders have spoken off a possibly major expansion to the transport service, which could see it branch out to Washington, the MetroCentre, Doxford Park and other under-served communities. You have been sharing your thoughts on the proposals, and suggested some of your own locations for the service. Vote in our poll below to tell us your choice.

Here is how you reacted to the news on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Jill Williams Ross: "Are they not 20+ years too late? Main businesses are looking to move from Doxford. Too out of date now. Too little, too late."

Chris Parry: "About time! Doxford Park, Hetton, Houghton, Washington. Makes sense."

Darren Allsopp: "They can't even manage the service now imagine the delays if they extend."

Where would you like to see the service go?

Where would you like to see the service go?

Peter Johnson: "Should have been built originally instead of South Hylton."

Michael Potts: "Should be expanding all over the region. Why would you want to knock this process?"

Angela Johnston: "But would the people use it? Doubt it! Who wants to stand waiting for Metros [that] are always late when you can just jump straight in a warm car and be away?"

Kevin Mossop: "Class idea if it comes off."

You have been having your say on social media.

You have been having your say on social media.

Caroline Atkinson-McCann: "Should have took it up there in the first place! And along through Grangetown, Hendon to Seaham."

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Pete Bogg: "Expansion in the following priority: all points to Seaham. Then Herrington, Hetton, Houghton and ideally Durham. Then Shiney Row, Penshaw and Chester-le-Street, Birtley and on to Team Valley. Then lastly Southwick, Redhouse, Hylton Castle to Washington. Encourage businesses to move from Droxford to Vaux."

Caroline McAllister: "Yes definitely and workers should be giving incentives to use it."

Sandra Hall: "It would be great to travel to the Stadium of Light on match days. Its a nightmare getting away from the ground and getting to the A19 after the match."

Donna Marie Robertson: "Public transport should be encouraged but not just for people who can’t afford to drive. But also it has environmental implications. Encouraging empty cars, carrying one driver, to take the Metro instead."

Jay Anthony Sykes: "I agree with expanding to Washington - help people get into the city centre. But if we have a route into the MetroCentre, that'll leave to less footfall in Sunderland."

Philip Wardle: "Yes it must be. Plus beyond Seaham to Durham. Loads of existing disused railway lines that could be made use of."

Emma Louise Wilson: "They should try fixing the continued issues with the service they currently operate before expanding further."

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Gaye Wilson: "I hope I live long enough to see it. It should have come to Washington in the first place."

Eddy Elliott: "It's about time, the Metro only works for a small amount of people anyway."

Michelle Jolley: "Fantastic idea, will much improve Sunderland's infrastructure then maybe links to Durham would be viable."

Fred Lawrence: "How many years have we been promised this?"

May Tapping: "What about Houghton and Hetton, we never get included."