Sunderland weather forecast: more rain is on the way as clouds continue to thicken

The clouds are here to stay and Sunderland is set to have a chilly morning as mist and fog starts the day.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 7:05 am
Sunderland weather forecast for Tuesday, October 22.

There will be a cold start to Tuesday, October 22, as rural spots may see some frost due to cold overnight temperatures that dropped to 1°C.

Early mist and fog patches will linger through the morning, but will gradually clear and brighter spells will develop in the late afternoon, reaching a high of 12°C.

However, some thick clouds could still hug coastal areas and cause sporadic outbreaks of rain or light showers – overall the evening is expected to be cloudy with wind speeds reaching 9mph, moving in a south westerly direction, and despite maximum temperatures on Tuesday night expected to reach 9°C it will feel more like 6°C.

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On a brighter note the clouds are expected to dissipate for a clear Wednesday morning that will include some sunny spells, more clouds will develop moving into the afternoon of Wednesday, October 23.

These clouds may also bring some rain or occasional showers, as the evening progresses it will get colder dropping from a high of 12°C to 9°C.

Thursday is expected to see some sunny spells in the morning with occasional showers in the evening and is expected to get heavier throughout the night. While Friday will have some lingering rain, it is predicted to have a dry and fine morning, however the weather is expected to take a turn, and the afternoon will get wet and windy.