A good investment or a waste of money? What you said about plans to introduce new 20mph zones and speed bumps in Sunderland

Echo readers have been sharing their views on plans to introduce new 20mph zones and build new speed bumps across Sunderland.

Monday, 6th May 2019, 2:33 pm
Updated Monday, 6th May 2019, 2:36 pm
Do you think 20mph zones are valuable?
Do you think 20mph zones are valuable?

A highways order issued by Sunderland City Council revealed that streets in Castletown, Downhill, Hylton Castle North and South, Red House East and West, Town End Farm and Witherwack will be covered by the new 20mph zones.

The changes come as part of a "large-scale programme" of highways work, which will also see speed bumps and triple speed cushions installed in a variety of locations.

You have been sharing your views on social media.

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More residents parking zones, a bridge maintenance programme and a number of resurfacing projects are also included in the work.

Dozens of readers got in touch on social media to share their opinion on the changes - with some criticising the introduction of further 20mph in the city as they "don't work".

Others criticised speed bumps and the damage they say can be caused to vehicles, instead calling for speed cameras, flashing speed signs to alert drivers and other safety measures instead.

Here's how you reacted to the issue on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Keith Hood: "Tight speed control in built up areas is always a good thing. Outside of schools though where the idea seems to have originated, during the pick up/drop off times you can barely do 20mph anyway."

Dale McKenzie: "All well and good but when they have no one to police them it just becomes another pointless exercise."

Vicki Grant: "I live on a road that is in a 20mph zone and it’s like living next to a race track some days, speed limits are totally ignored."

Colleen Burrup: "Doesn't work on my road and I live opposite a primary school."

Lisa White: "Speed cameras would be a lot better! Speed bumps just cause damage to cars."

Dave Hedley: "20 is brilliant if people stick to it, this is where they should hide speed cameras. Try driving at 20 mph just look while you're driving and visualise someone running out, you have much more time to react and avoid a collision so I'm all for it if it saves lives."

Andy Wilkie: "Make it variable when the volume of pedestrians justify it."

John George Hudson: "They are a waste of time and money, they don't work, people take no notice of them."

Marie Ann Bestford: "No they don’t work people ignore them. Put speed cameras instead or flashing speed signs."

Alan Pearson: "It works for the law abiding."

Sarah Jane O'Neill: "The people they are aimed at won't slow down for a sign."

Anthony Russell: "Should only be outside schools, or shopping areas."

Eric Robson: "There’s more small cars on the roads than ever before and speed [bumps] must do more damage to cars than they do making the roads safer."

Marie Gowland: "Our street is the 20 ... even the buses don't follow it."

Glen Olsen: "They want to try spending the money resurfacing some of the roads the pot holes are a disgrace."

Elaine Johnson: "No they just damage your car."