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Motorhome Ella
Motorhome Ella
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The road to success could be a smooth one for the right person thanks to a new business opportunity in the region

A motorhome hire business that has been operating successfully since 2006 and boasts annual profits of up to £100,000 has come onto the market. All anyone would need is enough space to house the vehicles when they’re not out on the road.

Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth

Gillian Hodgson, who currently runs the business, said: “Because of the nature of the business, it is entirely re-locatable and would suit anyone who has enough land to store vehicles when necessary.

“Other than that, it’s a fairly easy and pleasurable business to run and we are never short of customers. People mainly find us through two very good motor home hire websites and all we have to do is have the vehicles available in good condition for them to collect.”

The motor homes range from two berth to seven berth vehicles, attracting anything from couples to families and groups of friends heading for festivals or on holiday.

They can be taken out of the country, so provide the ideal solution for anyone looking to visit Europe, particularly if they’re planning on touring. Many customers hiring motor homes are relatively local, but it also proves to be the answer to visitors to this country who are staying in the UK for a while and visiting friends and family.

The business opportunities are endless and there is plenty of scope to build on what is already there, should someone want to

Gillian Hodgson

Gillian added: “The business opportunities are endless and there is plenty of scope to build on what is already there, should someone want to. Holidaying in this country is becoming increasingly popular and people are hiring motor homes so they can go off and do their own thing, visit where they want when they want but have a comfortable place to stay each night without having to think about booking hotels.

“We get everything from people who want to go away for a few days – the motor homes are very popular for music festivals because they provide everything you need on site – or people book them for six to eight weeks at a time to go off exploring Europe.

“In addition, over the years we’ve had customers from the likes of Japan, Italy and France, and we have regular customers from Australia, who come here to visit family and hire a motor home. It means they don’t have to ask people to put them up when they visit.”

The business can be sold with or without the vehicles, depending on the purchasers’ requirements. The motorhomes are generally hired out for a minimum of a week, so the time commitment is limited to a handover, a return and cleaning of the vehicles together with taking the bookings.

The business is for sale through Ernest Wilson, a Leeds based firm that assists clients with the purchase and sale of businesses, offering agency services, finance options and support throughout the sale process.

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