‘Diabolical’, ‘too expensive’ and ‘blame the seagulls’ – Echo readers have their say on North East's public transport system

“Diabolical”, “farcical”, “too expensive” and “blame the seagulls” are among Sunderland Echo reader verdicts on the state of the region’s public transport.

Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 6:00 am
Our readers have criticised Metro services, left, with even seagulls getting tongue-in-cheek criticism for the state of Sunderland's public transport.

Your comments were in response to a Facebook poll which, at the time of writing, indicates that 56% of you still use buses and trains in our area.

The vote itself was prompted by the revelation that three times as much per person is spent on public transport in London compared to the North East.

Among the first readers to comment was Benjamin Taylor, who wrote: “The diabolical state of North East public transport is the reason I've finally learned to drive. Our Metro system is farcical and our buses unreliable.”

Yet Tony Isles argued: “Use public transport regularly. It's pretty efficient, compared to other places, with exception of the Metro, which I dread using if I have an important connection to make at the other end

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Deniece Clarke concluded: “Way too expensive and too many disruptions.”

Mark Jansen said: “This doesn't surprise me at all. While I understand the idea that London is a massive hub of business and social enterprise, how is the North East supposed to advance and grow if it isn't given the funding for vital infrastructure?”

Holly Rose James defended the London spend, adding: “Of course it does, the population of London it 8.136 million! That’s not including tourists. Last year London had approximately 20.42 million tourists.

“Of course the spend on transport is much greater. But of course the North East would benefit from more money going into transportation, that’s a given.”

Peter Smith said: “If you go on the Tube at rush hour you will see why. More people on the tube in less than half an hour than on Metro all day.”

But Tony Parker insisted London transport had its problems too, writing: “It's only better in the centre, get out of the centre and they have the same problems we do. Southern Rail trains are constantly late.”

The final words goes to Kevin Patrick, who summed up Sunderland’s public transport system in four words: “I blame the seagulls.”