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SUNDERLAND University is paying out more than £45million in wages each year, new figures show.

A Freedom of Information request revealed a total of £45,091,064 goes on paying the university’s 1,531 members of staff.

The figures showed that 12 employees were on annual salaries of more than £70,000 each and a further 139 staff were earning more than £50,000.

The highest earner at Sunderland University is Prof Peter Fidler, vice- chancellor and chief executive, who is on a salary of £192,000.

Other senior leaders include Shirley Atkinson, deputy vice-chancellor and chief executive, who has a salary range of £126,000 to £131,000, and Prof Julie Mennell, deputy vice-chancellor, who earns between £118,000 and £123,000.

Other positions in the £70,000 and over salary range are two pro-vice-chancellors and deans, director of marketing, director of facilities, director of human resources, director of planning and finance, director of student learning, director of academic services and the dean.

All of these salaries were below £91,000.

A spokesman for the University of Sunderland said: “The annual salaries paid to senior staff at the University of Sunderland are set at levels in line with other UK universities.

“The salary of university senior staff, who are responsible for the running of a large and complex organisation, is generally determined by independent remuneration committees.”

Ian Owens, regional spokesman for the University and College Union, said the salaries were what he would expect of a university of the size of Sunderland.

He said he would expect the 139 members of staff earning more than £50,000 would be principal lecturers where the wage band is somewhere in the region of £52,000.

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