Top DJ exposed as racist thug

A TOP Wearside disc jockey is today exposed as a convicted thug with a history of race hate extremism.

Thousands of clubbers, who swarm to rave music venues in Sunderland, Durham and South Shields, know Kevin Turner as MC Techno T.

But to neo-nazis throughout Europe he is famous as the lead singer of white-power group Skullhead.

The band was a leading member of the "White Noise" branch of the National Front with their hits "White Warrior" and "British Pride" becoming extremist anthems.

Turner, of Durham City, recently reformed Skullhead - but said today: "We got a band together again but it is not of a racist nature this time.

"It was just about playing rock and roll."

Skullhead has been linked to gigs promoted in Slovakia, Poland and Italy in 2001 by extreme right wing groups like the Combat 18 affiliated to Blood and Honour.

In a recent internet fanzine interview Turner said: "I believe in Blood and Honour ... giving bands a chance to air the voice that they wouldn't get anywhere else."

But Turner, who runs a chain of tattoo parlours, told the Echo: "Skullhead was involved in the National Front and Combat 18 scene, but it is in the past. I am not involved in racism now, but nor am I becoming an anti-racist campaigner.

"I know people still buy Skullhead records because of what they represent and there is nothing I can do about that."

When Skullhead first split up, Turner built up a reputation as a "Hardcore House" music and rave club disc-jockey as MC Techno T.

He recently played at the New Monkey club in Sunderland and After Dark in South Shields.

He headlined the "Bass Rush" night at the DH-1 club in Durham City in August and September last year.

A spokesman for the Tyne and Wear Anti-Facist Association, which campaigns against racist groups, said: "We welcome the exposure of Kevin Turner who is known to have a history of race hate."

Turner previously described himself as an "Odinist" and a worshipper of "Northern Gods".

The extremist cause has led him into conflict with authority.

Turner spent 1989 as an inmate of Acklington Prison, and received a jail term in 1991 for grievous bodily harm after assaulting a man in Consett.