Top chef Nello Russo shares his recipe for pasta broccholi e salsiccia

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Last month, Italian chef Nello Russo, from Angelo's Ristorante, taught us how to cook an easy and fragrant sea bass meal. This month, we're getting a lesson in the art of pasta.

With more of us than ever cooking and entertaining at home, the pressure is on to impress your guests (and yourself) with a tasty and satisfying meal.

Pasta Broccholi e salsiccia

Pasta Broccholi e salsiccia

But in the interests of not driving yourself mad, it's always good to have a simple recipe. So we've turned to Nello Russo, the country's best Italian chef, for inspiration.

Last month, Nello, who wows diners at Angelo's Ristorante in West Sunniside, cooked us up a delicious meal of sea bass. But now, we're talking pasta.

It may seem simple, but getting a pasta dish right is effective. So take a look at Nello's top tips to impress with the Italian staple, and follow his delicious recipe.


Pasta Broccholi e salsiccia

Pasta Broccholi e salsiccia


Neapolitan Broccoli (this is a slightly bitter broccoli but very hard to get so you could use normal broccoli or try something like cavallo nero or curly kale instead)

Good quality Italian sausages ideally flavoured with fennel

Fresh pasta such as strozzapretti, triofe or fusilli

Pasta Broccholi e salsiccia

Pasta Broccholi e salsiccia

Sun-dried tomatoes



Dolce latte cheese



Cut, wash and boil the broccoli; slice the sausages into bite size pieces and then pan fry them with the cooked broccoli; in a small saucepan melt the dolce latte cheese with some milk.

In another small pan toast the breadcrumbs and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. Boil salted water for the pasta and put the fresh pasta in it following the cooking times on the packet. When it is ready, strain the pasta keeping a little bit of the cooking water. Add the pasta to the pan with the fried broccoli and sausages. Stir the pasta and sauce adding some grated parmesan.

To plate the dish:

Put the pasta with sauce in the middle of the plate, add few touches of the dolce latte sauce and sprinkle the toasted sun-dried tomatoes and breadcrumbs on top.

To visit Angelo's Ristorante, and for more information, click here.