TONY JEFFRIES DIARY: I’m home to mum’s full fridge

Tony Jeffries training at the Olympian Gym.
Tony Jeffries training at the Olympian Gym.
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Well, I’ve been home in Sunderland for just over a week now acclimatising, getting over my jet lag and doing my final bits of preparation for tomorrow’s fight.

I was away in Los Angeles for just over 19 weeks, the longest I’ve ever been out of not-so-sunny Sunderland and to tell you the truth, it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been away!

I’m living back at my mam’s house which is weird because I moved out of here where I was 18 – that’s eight years ago.

But now I’m here for the time-being because, before I went to USA, I rented my house out.

I’m enjoying it at my mam’s house though. The fridge is always full and she’s got all the Sky channels, just what I need for the week before my fight.

It’s been great to be back and see my family and friends and have a good catch-up, but I’ve not been the most social person in the world. I never am the week leading to a fight because it’s hard to think of anything else apart from your opponent and when’s the next time you can eat.

I’ve got a flight booked back to LA for October 4 to start my next training camp, but I think I’ll change it because my 11-year-old nephew, Leon, who boxes, is having his first fight on October 7 and I really want to be there for him.

I started this diary a couple of months ago and an update has been in near enough every two weeks.

Thanks for all your support for the diary and my fight. It really does mean a lot to me.

Since I’ve been back in the North East I really can’t believe the feedback I’ve been getting from my diary.

I didn’t realise as many people read the Sunderland Echo and my diary. It’s brilliant.

I’ve had people coming up to me in cafes and supermarkets telling me they love to read it.

I’m so grateful to you all and really happy you’re enjoying it.