Time stands still in Peterlee as clock hands grind to a halt

Town leaders say it is time to move on as they express frustration two landmark clocks remain out of action.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 5:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 5:21 pm
The clock has been stuck on 2.11 for several months.

Peterlee councillors say they have hit a wall when it comes to repairing the two displays on the sides of Lee House, which are stuck on 2.11.

Since the clocks stopped last year, they and council staff have made efforts to arrange for an engineer to get the hands of time moving again.

Peterlee Town Councillors Terry and Karen Duffy in front of one of the clocks at Lee House.

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But they have been told by the company responsible for the servicing of the building the power has been turned off and permission for access can not be given.

Karen Duffy and Terry Duffy, who both sit on Peterlee Town Council, are among members to voice anger about the situation.

Coun Karen Duffy said: “I’m saddened to think that the clock in Peterlee’s Town Centre will always read 11 minutes past two.

“Even though I wear a watch and carry a mobile phone I always look up at the clock, whenever I’m in the town centre.

Peterlee Town Councillors Terry and Karen Duffy in front of one of the clocks at Lee House.

“Naturally the people of Peterlee are frustrated and upset that something as simple as time cannot be maintained.

“We have taken every possible step to rectify the situation but without cooperation we are powerless and the clocks hands will remain stationary.”

The councillors say they do not know who owns Lee House but have contributed to the clocks’ upkeep since Peterlee Development Company was in operation.

They add they have concerns it could spark what is known as ‘Broken Window Theory’ where a rundown area leads to a lack of pride and bad behaviour.

The firm in charge of the building’s maintenance has told the councillors: “Unfortunately due to health and safety issues and all power now disconnected to the building, we would not be able to give authority to access and power the clock.”