Three-car crash on A690 in Houghton as snow continues to fall

A crash on the A690 Stoneygate junction, in Houghton, on Thursday, January 14.
A crash on the A690 Stoneygate junction, in Houghton, on Thursday, January 14.
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A three-car smash has caused delays for motorists on a busy Wearside road.

The crash happened at Stoneygate junction, in Houghton, on the A690, shortly before 8am.

The incident involved three cars although Northumbria Police have no updates on potential injuries to drivers.

The force is advising road users to take additional care on the region's roads in the current snowy road conditions.

There are difficult driving conditions in places, however most roads are passable with care.

Inspector Ian Cutty of the Motor Patrols unit said: "There is snow falling in most areas across the force today, and as such drivers are advised to take care on the roads.

"People should ensure they take precautions to make sure they wrap up warm and drive carefully.

"We continue to monitor weather forecasts and conditions across the force and have officers out and about on the roads and in our communities this morning."

Northumbria Police is advising motorists to exercise caution and remember the following advice for driving in wintry conditions:

Moderate your speed to match the conditions and try not to brake sharply, use the gears instead to decelerate

Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front - stopping distances are longer on snowy or icy roads

Be alert for pedestrians walking on roads when footpaths are too snowy or icy to use

Ensure you have adequate visibility by clearing front and back windscreens and all windows/wing mirrors before setting off

Keep your windscreen washer bottle topped up, with the addition of winter screen wash

Clean your headlights front and rear before driving and use dipped headlights when driving in poor visibility, including heavy rain as well as snow

An ice scraper and de-icer should be carried for day to day use, other useful items in your car in adverse weather conditions include: a torch, warm clothes or a blanket and a flask with hot water, boots, a first aid kit, a shovel, a battery, jump leads and a tow rope.