This chef is on a mission to get Sunderland cooking proper curries

Ahmed Bashir
Ahmed Bashir
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A CHEF is hoping to spice things up for the people of Wearside by taking his skills on the road.

Ahmed Bashir, who owns Naz Haven, based at The Wellington in Fence Houses, wants to educate people on the art of Indian cooking and show food fans what really constitutes a curry.

Mr Bashir is organising a roadshow offering talks and demonstrations to local schools and community groups.

He wants to show people how to combine spices to create the kind of curries he serves in his restaurant and explain the difference between traditional Indian food and what is often presented to British customers.

Mr Bashir, who has 35 years’ experience, said: “It is very frustrating to see food which is nothing like what people eat in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh being passed off as authentic.

“In my restaurant, people ask for ‘staff curry’, meaning the proper, traditional kind – not something concocted for English customers.

“I always use natural, fresh ingredients, and only serve food I would be happy to prepare for myself and my family.

“People should not be afraid of making curry – anyone can do it by following a few basic principles – and I am very keen to demonstrate exactly how it’s done.

“It will be a bit like an Indian version of the Hairy Bikers. I will come to a venue and give a talk and demonstration, and hopefully add a bit of humour too.”