'They don't need them in school hours' - 17 things you said about banning mobile phones in the classroom

An overwhelming number of you have backed calls from a senior MP to ban mobile phones in classrooms.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 3:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 11:11 am
Do you think mobile phones have a place in the classroom?

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock has praised the schools who already do not allow the devices during the school day - but called on others to "follow their lead". We asked if you backed a ban - and a huge 89% of those who voted in our online poll below voted yes.

The minister questioned the impact mobile phones have on a child's achievements - and also linked social media with bullying among schoolchildren. In your comments, many of you asked why the devices were needed during the school day - while others noted their positive points when used properly.

The majority of you agreed that phones should be banned from the classroom.

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Here's how you reacted to the question on social media:

Wendy Lee: "Yes ban them. Should have been banned in school years ago."

Chris Wilson: "I quite agree phones should be turned off during classroom but obviously break times they should be able to use them."

Wilf Newall: "Yes, my wife teaches & she said they distract children from their work."

Kimberley Walker: "My boy's new senior school take them off them till the end of the week if they’re caught using them as if it’s important they have an office they can ring you from."

Allan Higgs: "YES because they don't learn anything they just use phone to get answers."

Astrid Newby: "I didn't even know they were allowed. That's concerning to say the least."

Bronya Kirtley: "Yes absolutely ban them at school, too much competition and bullying going on with social media as it is, several hours off their phones can only be positive, we managed without them."

Stacey Robson: "Definitely shouldn't be allowed in the classrooms but should be allowed to keep them turned off in their bags for walking to and from school in case of emergency."

Alison Robson: "Absolutely yes. I had this discussion years ago with one of my daughter's teachers. I said 'take the phones off them' to which he replied 'well you know sometimes the parents need to get in touch with their children' absolutely pathetic.

"Anything for an easy life. If parents need to get in touch they can ring the school."

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Alex Gleeson: "Yes ! If there's a family emergency the parents/carers can phone the school."

Lesley Matthews: "Yes, obviously! Nothing worse than trying to teach while two or more teenagers text each other about what a useless teacher you are!"

Lisa Wightman: "They can be useful for to and from school, but there is no way they should be allowed in class."

Rachel Mavin: "Yes. They should be turned off at beginning of the day, switched on at end. Even in college."

Louise Angel Mackay: "Phones also enable children to contact parents if they are being bullied etc. They are a life line that kids can use in emergency."

Nicola Ternent: "All phones have to be kept in their lockers during the day at my kids' school, it’s always been that way."

Lianne Douglas: "Kids shouldn't have access to phones during the day! They don't need them in school hours."

Peter Chamberlayne: "I am betting that almost every school in the land will already have their rules on mobile phones & most schools insist on them being turned OFF during school hours.

"That said, the security they offer children when walking home after school etc, in my view balance out any concerns over schools being incapable of organising their own rules.

"If location settings are turned on, it enables parents & authorities to at least have a fighting chance of finding any missing children."