These kittens were dumped in an alley – can you give one a new home?

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THIS trio of furry faces are looking for new homes.

These tiny kittens were dumped in a back alley in Hetton and left to fend for themselves.

Luckily for the five-week-old cats, they were discovered by a passer-by who took them to a vet in Houghton.

Now staff at sister surgery Westway Vets, in West Pelton, are busy weaning the kittens until they are old enough to be rehomed.

The three toms, with ginger and white fur, will be vaccinated and neutered at eight weeks, before hopefully going to new owners.

Amy Richardson, a nurse at the practice, said the kittens were healthy but dehydrated when they arrived on Friday evening.

They could have become a target for predators if they had been outside overnight.

She said: “If people have kittens that they don’t want they should get in contact with a vet or shelter.

“Just ring somewhere and ask.

“There are lots of shelters and places around.

“It’s a bit hopeless just shoving them out on the street and you can always get help with neutering costs from the Cats Protection League.”

Westway Vets Group has a number of cats and dogs who need matching up with new owners, from Hector the greyhound who loves kisses, to a black-and-white cat, who lost his leg in a road accident.

For more information about adopting any of the animals, call 370 0369 or visit

The Cats Protection League’s subsidised neutering scheme helps people with low incomes or on some means-tested benefits.

Neutering can be performed from the age of four-and-a-half-months in both males and females.

Castration in the male can prevent certain traits such as aggressive behaviour, unwanted litters and spraying.

Call 03000 121 212 for details.

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