These are the mobile speed cameras drivers need to watch out for in Sunderland

Here are the mobile speed camera locations for Sunderland, as published by the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative (NSRI).

Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 2:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 2:25 pm
A mobile speed camera van
A mobile speed camera van

The NSRI is a partnership between Northumbria Police and the six local authorities within the force area, and exists to help reduce the number of people killed or injured on the roads. Note: photos are to illustrate the routes where the cameras will be, not precise locations on the roads.

The A182 Houghton Road at Hetton-le-Hole is a popular place to find mobile speed cameras.
The A183 Chester Road in Sunderland, near The Broadway, is a common place to find mobile speed cameras.

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The A690 at Stoneygate, just outside Sunderland, is a common place for mobile speed cameras.
Several stretches of the A690 around Sunderland are popular spots for mobile speed cameras. Houghton Cut is one of them.
New Durham Road, where the A690 reaches in Sunderland city centre, is another popular mobile speed camera spot.
Mobile speed cameras are often found on the stretch of the A1018 Shields Road which runs between Sunderland and Cleadon.
Unsuspecting drivers could be caught by a mobile speed camera in Dairy Lane, Houghton-le-Spring.
Signs warning drivers of the presence of speed cameras are clearly visible on the A1290 at Vermont, Washington.
Allendale Road at Farringdon in Sunderland is one of the built-up areas where you're likely to spot a mobile speed camera.
Long, straight roads where drivers can build up speed are popular locations for mobile safety cameras, such as North Road, Hetton-le-Hole.
Tunstall Bank on the B1286 in Sunderland is a popular place to find a mobile speed camera.
The B1404 Seaham Road at Houghton-le-Spring is another long, straight stretch which attracts visits from mobile speed cameras.
Mobile speed cameras have been spotted on the B1522 Ryhope Road in Sunderland.
Just because it's a country lane, don't think that mobile speed cameras don't visit Burdon Lane in Sunderland. They do...
Coaley Lane and Sedgeletch Road at Houghton-le-Spring is a classic sort of long,straight road where mobile speed cameras lurk.
Dame Dorothy Street, running from Roker via Monkwearmouth and into the city centre, is a haunt for mobile speed cameras.
Emsworth Road at Carley Hill is another of Sunderland's core mobile camera sites.
Hylton Castle Road, one of the major roads on the north side of Sunderland, often gets a visit from a mobile speed camera van.
North Hylton Road in Sunderland is another long, straight road which could leave you at risk of picking up a fine from a mobile speed camera.
North Moor Lane at Farringdon is another road where it would be easy to fall foul of a mobile speed camera if you forget yourself and stray over the limit.
It's easy to build up speed on lots of Washington's roads. Parkway, in the Barrington Drive area, is an area where drivers need to watch out for mobile speed cameras.
Silksworth Road, near its junction with Rutland Avenue, is a popular Sunderland spot for mobile speed cameras.
Springwell Road in Sunderland is another of those places where an unsuspecting driver could easily fall foul of a mobile speed camera.
The B1286 at St Aidan's Terrace, New Herrington, is another Sunderland spot where you need to watch out for mobile safety cameras.
We wonder how many drivers have been nabbed over the years by a mobile speed camera at Success Road, Shiney Row.
Warwick Terrace in Silksworth is another built-up area where mobile speed cameras are sometimes found.