Theresa May exit: Sunderland political figures react to 'Trexit' news

Sunderland's political leaders have been giving their reaction to Theresa May's resignation.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 11:34 am
Theresa May announces her departure date in Downing Street today

Here's what political figures on Wearside have said.

Robert Oliver

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Sunderland Conservative Party leader Coun Robert Oliver:

"Theresa May has been a dutiful public servant who put the country before herself and tried as hard as she could to deliver Brexit having inherited a difficult political situation which was not of her own making," he said.

"Sunderland Conservatives now look forward to choosing a new party leader and prime minister with a plan to get a Brexit deal across the line and with an ambitious domestic agenda for the people of Sunderland."

Sunderland Central Julie Elliott MP:

Sunderland Central MP Julie Elliott

"I welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement that she is resigning as leader of the Conservatives and therefore as Prime Minister," she said.

"Her Premiership will go down as one of the most disastrous in history. The Government has been rudderless for some time, trying to force through a failing Brexit plan whilst doing nothing for working people in this country.

"She leaves it more divided, and more unequal.

"It is in the interests of Sunderland, and the country, that whoever the Conservatives elect as their new leader sorts this Brexit mess once and for all.

Coun Graeme Miller

"They can do this by letting the people decide what this country’s next steps are."

Sunderland City Council leader Coun Graeme Miller:

"I commend Mrs May for taking the decision to stand down, but can’t forgive her for not doing it far sooner. This country has been in a state of inertia since she stepped in to replace her hapless predecessor, who set in place a process that has caused more divisions in this country than anything else in living memory.

"We await to see what happens in the Conservative Party and who emerges as its new leader, but we know that there’s little point in changing the singer if the song remains the same.

"This country requires a uniting force, strong leadership and an individual who can help it reclaim its international standing, so instead of watching this pathetic pantomime of public schoolboys play out their fantasies of running the country, the Labour Party will be pushing for a general election and a Prime Minister that can not only heal the divisions of the last three years, but lead us into an optimistic future and rebuild a country that is for the many, not the few."