The Theresa May Dictionary might just be the worst book you'll ever read ... and the word '˜crisis' is missing

We might have guessed the Prime Minister's definition of a crisis would differ from that as defined by the dictionary.

Sunday, 7th January 2018, 12:27 pm
Updated Sunday, 7th January 2018, 12:30 pm
Theresa May

After all, Theresa May is the woman who repeatedly told us that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ as if that definition had any meaning at all.

Imagine a Theresa May Dictionary! What a complete waste of space that would be.

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Every word featured in it would simply be repeated throughout the tome with the word ‘means’ sandwiched in between.

‘Aardvark means Aardvark; Bereft means Bereft; Calamity mean Calamity...’ the list would go on.

Lots of words but no meaning. A bit like the government’s handling of the NHS this winter.

Despite mounting problems, the Prime Minister simply will not accept that the NHS is in crisis. A word that we suspect would never appear in the Theresa May Dictionary.

She has consistently denied the claims, insisting, in her words that: “The NHS has been better prepared for this winter than ever before.”

If this is her idea of best preparation, then we’re in bigger trouble than we first thought.

We have been told that tens of thousands of non-urgent operations are to be cancelled in a bid to ease pressure on hospitals.

There has also been a huge spike in the number of patients facing delays when they arrive at A&E.

Such is the extent of the ‘difficulties’ that in some areas of the UK patients are being nursed in the corridors.

The dictionary defines the word crisis as: ‘a time of intense difficulty or danger. A time when a difficult or important decision must be made.’

No matter which way you look at it, that definition sums up the situation in the NHS at the moment.

In other words Mrs May ... crisis means crisis.