The Sunderland girl with the £10,000 smile

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WHEN Annaliese Dove looks back on her graduation day photos, she wishes she’d been able to smile properly.

The pretty 22-year-old has hated her teeth since being a teenager and goes to great lengths to hide them.

But now Annaliese has something to beam about as she has won the Echo’s Gift of a Smile 2013 competition.

Annaliese will have her smile transformed with up to £10,000 of treatment by Iain Morrisson, who has worked at Olivers Dental Studio since last year.

She has also bagged a glamorous makeover from Reds, in East Herrington, and a photoshoot with David Lawson Studios, on Chester Road.

Annaliese, who lives in Ryhope, said: “I’ve never smiled and I think if I could, it would really build my confidence and change everything.

“I want to be able to smile for photos at big occasions in my future.

“It felt awful not to be able to do that in my graduation photos. I couldn’t smile properly and it’s not a nice feeling. You want to feel and act happy.”

Annaliese graduated from Northumbria University last year with a 2:1 in Fashion Communication. She works in customer service for Royal Mail, answering emails, and as a sales assistant for All Saints in Newcastle. She added: “I really want to work in the fashion industry but at the moment I don’t feel confident enough to face interviews. I’m hoping that when my teeth are finished it will really boost me.

“I can’t wait to have the treatment done.”

Annaliese has an overbite caused by sucking her thumb as a child. As she grew older she became more and more self-conscious.

She said: “Little did I know how much of an impact this habit would have on my life as a young adult.

“It has resulted in my bite having a gap measuring over 1cm, making me not wanting to smile whilst displaying my teeth.

“It can be very depressing on big occasions with my graduation being a prime example.

“It’s my aspiration to have beautiful teeth in order to boost my confidence and have a smile fit for the big occasions in my life that are still to come.”

Annaliese added: “I’ve never had any luck in competitions so I was shocked, but also really happy. I was so happy when they told me.”