The Last of Us, PS3: Action, £39.99

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So we all know what the new PS4 looks like now.

Not just in terms of the box itself but a host of launch titles too.

And, to be honest, The Last of Us could probably have fitted comfortably into that category, such is the quality of story-telling, voice acting, graphical performance and all-round exhilaration you’ll experience on this rollercoaster ride.

Lead character Joel’s trek across a country ravaged by a pandemic 20 years ago, in tow with another survivor, 14-year-old Ellie, is brilliantly bleak and regularly brutal.

This no-nonsense approach to the subject matter inspires an extra level of concern for your characters – they’re human and can easily be killed.

As such, a trigger happy take on combat should be substituted for stealth and use of your glorious surroundings to mastermind a myriad ways of moving on.

There are echoes of the Uncharted series, which ensures The Last of Us is on a premium gaming platform from the off, but Joel and co outdo Drake in almost every department, making this the PS3’s finest and near-final moment before it’s 4 to the floor.