The Cube: Nintendo 3DS

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THE Cube has been a sleeper TV gameshow hit for some time and, when Olympic hero Mo Farah became the first person to reach the £250,000 top prize, this also served as an excellent reminder of just how difficult it is to conquer the challenges presented.

Now you get the chance to do just that in the comfort of your own Cube at home, with a whopping 33 challenges from the series recreated for you to master using your Wii-mote and physical dexterity.

An extreme mode offers up five difficult versions of the game’s best challenges and, after negotiating some of the early fodder, you may feel it’s time to crank up the difficulty.

Presentation in the game is good, with The Voice and The Body from the TV show featured, while the cut-scene demonstrations of each challenge keep the familiar format of the show going.

So, pass or fail? Well, when it comes to a fun recreation of a cracking series, The Cube on Wii has passed, with most of its lives intact...