Tenant’s windows let in wind and rain

Jaqueline Grahame.
Jaqueline Grahame.
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A DISTRESSED resident has spent the winter in the cold waiting for housing bosses to repair her faulty windows.

Jacqueline Graham, of Dock Street, Monkwearmouth, is unhappy with Gentoo’s failure solve a problem which she first reported in October.

“I’m disappointed in Gentoo,” she said.

“I pay my rent every week and we don’t seem to be getting any further forward – I know I’m not the only one.”

Mrs Graham says the windows have been letting in both wind and rain.

She claims Gentoo initially told her to repair the problem herself.

“I was basically told to fix it myself,” said Mrs Graham, who was left with a bruised leg and needed four stitches after falling while attempting to fix her windows.

Gentoo did send workers to repair the windows before Christmas and dispute she was asked to carry out the repair.

Jacqueline feels the problem is now worse than ever.

The 47-year-old, who lives with her husband and 25-year-old son, said: “They came out to fix them but the corner of the window now has a gap in it.

“It gets really cold in here. The whole window creaks as if it is going to come in.

“Even when it’s closed you would think there is a window open – it’s terrible. I’m having to keep my heating on all the time to keep a constant temperature and I can’t afford to.”

Fulwell ward councillor George Howe added: “Gentoo keep putting it off. They need to be more robust in their response and put things right.

“They have sent people out but they haven’t done a proper job.”

Managing director of Gentoo Sunderland, Ian Porter said: “We attended Ms Graham’s home on 20 December and completed some work to her property.

“A further report was received and we attended on 9 January to repair a window seal. Since then, a further appointment has been arranged at Ms Graham’s request.

“We are aware of issues in respect of water ingress and are working to find a resolution as soon as possible.

“The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us and having reviewed the telephone call I am satisfied that Ms Graham was not asked to carry out the works herself.”

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