Teenager relief after attackers jailed

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A TEENAGER beaten unconscious and urinated on during a terrifying attack by a couple she thought were her friends today spoke of her relief after her attackers were jailed.

Karrina Bates’s body was covered in cuts and bruises and her teeth were damaged after the gruesome assault by Faye Robson and Kyle Calvert, in which she was also jabbed with a knife.

Newcastle Crown Court heard after the attack, the bloodsoaked walls were hurriedly covered with paint before the police got there.

The couple, who had a child together three months ago, embraced each other, sobbing, as they were put behind bars yesterday.

Speaking after the case, Karrina, of Marley Pots, said: “I’m absolutely over the moon with the sentencing. I feel a lot safer now they are in jail. Before, I couldn’t face going out on my own.

“Now I feel like the whole weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.”

But Karrina, who was too upset to attend court, fears she will have to live with the memories for the rest of her life. “I’m still struggling to get over what has happened,” she said. “I still get nightmares. I’m not sure they will ever go away.”

Earlier, prosecutor Robert Adams told the court the violence started while Miss Bates, who was 17 at the time, was having a drink with the couple and some others at Robson’s house in Fulwell, Sunderland, last January.

Mr Adams said: “The complainant was sitting on the bed.

Calvert came over to her and punched her in the face twice.

“There was no real explanation for this act on his part.

“She fell to the side of the bed.

“When she was on the floor the defendant Robson joined in. She was pulling her hair, kicking her to the side and back.

“At this point Calvert was watching, saying ‘go on, kill her’.

“As she lay on the floor trying to protect herself and get up she saw Robson reach under a coffee table and pull out a knife which she used to scratch and dig into her thigh.

“She is said to have held the knife to her throat, saying ‘should I do it?’

“They continued to punch her and she could hear someone make the comment ‘you’ve killed her’.

“At this stage, as she lay there, Calvert got his penis out and urinated on her, over her head and body.”

The court heard the terrified teenager managed to flee the house and alert the police to what had happened.

Calvert, 23, and Robson, 19, who are from Sunderland, but now of Westmorland Court, Hebburn, admitted assault at an earlier hearing.

Judge Roger Thorn sentenced Calvert to 20 months and Robson to 18 months behind bars.

Both of them have previous convictions for violence.

The judge said: “She thought she was going to die and having heard the descriptions of what happened I am not at all surprised.

“She has been left with post traumatic stress disorder which involves continuing panic attacks, nightmares and flashbacks.”

Andrew Finlay, defending, said Calvert is “at a loss” to explain what went on that night and has a different outlook on life since the birth of his child.

Mr Finlay said: “He now has something to lose by his offending.”

Lewis Kerr, also defending, said Robson has made “significant steps” to changing her lifestyle after giving birth.

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