Teenage sex attacker rapes schoolgirl

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A TEENAGE sex attacker raped a schoolgirl after posing as a good Samaritan who was taking her home.

The 15-year-old, who cannot be named, left his 14-year-old victim with extensive injuries after the attack in Washington.

The schoolgirl told police her life since the rape last January has been “unbearable”.

At Newcastle Crown Court the Wearside attacker, who is now 16, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years’ detention.

Prosecutor Penny Moreland told the court the victim had been “clearly extremely drunk” when the youth volunteered to take her home.

He refused offers from friends who said they would help him get her back safely.

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Miss Moreland told the court: “She remembered him and another boy helping her.

“She then remembered opening her eyes to find the defendant having sex with her.

“The next thing she remembered after that was waking up in hospital.”

The court heard the girl had to undergo intimate examinations at hospital and follow-up appointments.

Miss Moreland said the victim had “extensive” injuries.

She added: “They would have been very painful if sustained by a fully conscious person.

“The are indicative of forceful trauma to the genital area.

“Her first sexual experience was that of having been raped, and she expects it will live with her for the rest of her life.”

The court heard the girl spent almost a year thinking she was going to have to relive her ordeal from the witness box in court, before her attacker pleaded guilty to rape.

He wept in the dock as he was sentenced.

Judge David Wood told him: “The victim was physically quite badly injured as a result of this, and is plainly still very distressed about it.

“The effects of it are likely to be long lasting as far as she is concerned, as is plain from her victim statement.”

The teenage was told he must sign the sex offenders’ register and will be banned from working with children for life.

Glen Gatland, defending, said the teenager has been “traumatised” by his own life experiences in the past, and had “taken advantage” of his victim’s drunken state that night.

Mr Gatland added: “When he saw the state she was in he decided to try and walk her home.

“In supporting her there was close physical contact between them, he was holding her up with his arm around her waist.

“It got him physically and sexually aroused.”

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