Teenage drug addict got mother sacked after stealing to buy cocaine and cannabis

Northern Power Grid, Station Road, Penshaw
Northern Power Grid, Station Road, Penshaw
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A teenage drug addict caught stealing from work plunged his family into financial ruin after he cost both himself and his mother their jobs.

Charlie Scott, 18, had a night-time cleaning job, based at Northern Power Grid in Penshaw.

Northern Power Grid, Station Road, Penshaw

Northern Power Grid, Station Road, Penshaw

He stole equipment to order from the company, including electronic tablets and mobile phones, and used the money to buy cocaine and cannabis.

When he was caught, Scott initially lied to police despite being caught red-handed on CCTV, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Both Scott, of Close Street, Millfield, and his mother were dismissed and have been unable to find new employment, the court was told.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson said the thefts took place at the start of November as he was working night shifts at the premises, in Station Road.

Because of your addiction to cocaine, you have brought your mother down with you, and made it very difficult for yourself to seek and obtain other employment

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Three tablets and three mobile phones, valued at £950, were taken, along with a mobile phone charger, which belonged to a member of staff.

Scott admitted two counts of theft after some of the stolen items were found in his bedroom. An iPad and tablet computer worth £550 were not recovered.

The rest of the goods were retrieved from Cash Generator, which left the store £160 out of pocket.

“Some of the items were seized from his address,” Mr Anderson said.

“He said they belonged to him from when he moved here from the south of the country, despite being told that the IMEI numbers matched the stolen items.

“He was interviewed further and said he had stolen the six devices over a period of two days.

“He smuggled them out concealed in his clothing. He passed them onto someone else and got cash to buy cocaine and cannabis.”

Philippa Wylie, defending, said: “What causes an 18-year-old with his whole life in front of him to throw away that good future in one fell swoop? The answer to that is drugs.

“He got involved with some peers when he moved up here from down south. He started smoking cannabis, that ended up with a hardened cocaine habit.

“He clearly has lost his job and that will not only impact on him, but also his mother – because she lost her job for being associated with him – perhaps unfairly. It will impact on her financially.

“The family is very much in difficulty because of the circumstances. He is actively looking for work, but is in the process of applying for benefits,

“This is a young man who has seen the error of his ways. As soon as his mother found out, she has effectively grounded him. He’s been kept away from his friends and essentially gone cold turkey.”

Scott was sentenced to a 12-month community order with a three-month tagged curfew between 7pm and 7am. He was told to pay £710 in compensation.