Teen hit by ironing board

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AN angry man threw an ironing board at friends who had humiliated him, but hit and injured a 15-year-old instead.

It happened after Dean Bell went round to his Hendon neighbour Louis Greaves’ home, following an invitation,

But Newcastle Crown Court heard that Mr Greaves and several friends were merely humouring Bell, of Minorca Close, and had no intention of joining him.

When they did not turn up, he went away and came back armed with a headless mannequin, by which time the group had appeared.

Prosecutor Katy Rafter said Bell refused to leave and there was a scuffle outside of the house.

The group followed Bell as he marched back home and came out carrying an ironing board.

He launched it at Mr Greaves, but hit the teenage girl in the head and knocked her to the ground. She suffered a cut to the side of her head and needed stitches.

Bell previously admitted unlawful wounding on November 5, last year.

Mitating, Dean Comb said the 22-year-old had shown “genuine regret and shame”.

Bell was given a two-year community order with supervision, ordered to pay £750 in compensation to the teenager, plus £150 court costs. He must also attend a Thinking Skills programme.