Teen heroes save man’s life in street

Michael Purvis and James Mavin who saved a man's life after he collapsed in the street
Michael Purvis and James Mavin who saved a man's life after he collapsed in the street
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TWO heroic teenagers did not think twice before saving the life of a man who had collapsed in the street.

Michael Purvis and James Mavin, both 15, were on the bus on the way home from school when they spotted someone in distress.

The pals demanded the driver stop before leaping off to rush to the man’s rescue, who was surrounded by a crowd of passers-by.

The Castle View Enterprise Academy pupils, both St John Ambulance Sunderland cadets, quickly called on their first aid skills to get the situation under control.

After carrying out emergency checks, they discovered the man was not breathing and had no heartbeat.

The good Samaritans launched into life-saving CPR, with Michael, of Downhill, delivering chest compressions while James, of Town End Farm, helped the man to breathe while checking for signs of life.

Paramedics arrived and the teenagers continued to help the man as the ambulance prepared to take him to hospital.

Medics later praised the boys’ work, saying if it had not been for their quick-thinking action, the patient would have died.

Michael said: “Luckily, our first aid training meant that we could help this man and be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.”

James added: “We’ve heard that two out of three people wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency, and that was obvious from all the people standing about but not doing anything.

“Fortunately, our first aid training with St John Ambulance meant we could take immediate action, and knew exactly what we had to do to save this man’s life.”

Jackie Smith, beyond school leader and manager at Castle View Enterprise Academy, said: “What’s really amazing is that Michael and James are both just 15.

“Despite this, they immediately took control of a crowd of adults in a highly emotionally charged scenario and calmly carried out their emergency first aid training and saved a life.”

Pat Scott, assistant vice principal, added: “They confidently and competently dealt with an extremely critical situation as a man had collapsed with what they suspected to be a heart attack.

“After checking for the gentleman’s vital signs, he was unconscious and not breathing, the boys acted quickly to administer CPR.

“They kept his condition stable until paramedics arrived and were told that they had made a difference to a life-or-death situation.

“Here at Castle View Enterprise Academy, we are extremely proud of our students who acted independently and used their initiative to support a member of our local community.”

The boys’ heroism two weeks ago has earned them a nomination to be torch bearers during the 70-day Olympic Torch Relay in May.

Castle View Enterprise Academy has put forward the two pupils, who will find out if they have been short-listed in August, with the final decision being made by the end of the year.

Michael and James joined St John Ambulance’s Sunderland Cadet Unit at the age of 10, and have been first aid volunteers at every Sunderland Air Show since 2007.

“We’re very proud of the boys,” said assistant youth leader Laura Cox.

“A total of 150,000 people die each year in the UK where first aid could have given them a chance to live and by saving this man’s life, Michael and James have proved that this summer.”

l Are you the man saved by Michael and James? Call the Echo newsdesk on 501 7208. Michael said: