Tax justice bus lands in Durham

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A BUS has been out and about to spread the message about tax justice.

This week, the Christian Aid bus visited Durham to highlight the issue of global tax avoidance to push for tax legislation to be tightened.

It was in Durham to raise awareness of the campaign and get people discussing the issue of tax avoidance.

Research revealed that more than £13trillion may be hidden in tax havens, beyond the reach of tax authorities.

MP for Durham City Roberta Blackman-Woods jumped on board the bus when it arrived in the city to show her support for the cause.

She said: “The bus, which is sponsored by Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty, came to Durham to convey an extremely important message to the public – that tax avoidance is wrong.

“Each year, £35billion of tax is avoided by wealthy companies, while ordinary people are really feeling the effects of the double-dip recession. This is unfair and needs to be stopped.

“It is great to see Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty highlighting this crucial issue to the public on their ‘Tax bus’ tour.

“Global tax dodging is estimated to cost developing countries $160billion each year.”