'Take some responsibility' - Echo readers slam dumpers leaving rubbish in Sunderland streets

Dozens of Echo readers have reacted with anger as two people in Sunderland are fined for illegally dumping their rubbish.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 12:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 1:05 pm
Litter in Sunderland.
Litter in Sunderland.

Answering our Big City Survey, 66% of readers told us that the cleanliness of the city's public spaces was poor, or very poor. In response, the Echo launched its Clean Streets campaign, which is aimed at getting more people involved in cleaning up Sunderland.

Our campaign, launched in December, encourages people to report dumping and litter blackspots, send pictures to the Echo team to highlight the issue and get involved in cleaning up local communities.

The Sunderland Echo has launched a Clean Streets campaign.

In the last week, we have reported two incidents of residents being fined for dumping their waste - and you reacted with fury on social media.

Here are some of your comments:

Leigh-anne Metcalf: "It’s about time people stopped blaming the council and took responsibility for their own actions and disposal of rubbish. We are not the only area in England that has fortnightly bin collections and other areas manage."

Julie Wilson: "Somebody elsewhere commented that the person should be made to clear rubbish in their local area for seven days too - I would definitely agree with that, its the only way they'd realise, a fine and sort of community service - think that would make them think twice!"

The Sunderland Echo has launched a Clean Streets campaign.

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John Bollands: "It's not rocket science: recycle as much as you can to reduce the waste in your green bin. We have two young kids and our bins aren't overflowing.

"As for bigger rubbish: take it to the tip ... it's free, or organise a council collection for a few quid. Instead of blaming the council's fortnightly collections, take some responsibility for yourself!"

Bill Edward Meeks: "The initial issue is a social one and the ignorance of people to make it someone else's problem to shift their accumulated refuse."

Fiona Rowe: "Should be fined too, rest of us have to go to tip or pay to have stuff removed."

Deb Chisholm: "Why not name and shame? Have they not heard of the tip?"

Sunderland Echo's Clean Streets campaign

Our Clean Streets campaign is calling on Wearsiders to take more care of their personal waste and dispose of rubbish in bins or the nearest tip.

The outcome will mean a cleaner, more welcoming space for us all to work, live and socialise in.

Anyone who sees items they think have been fly-tipped can contact Sunderland City Council to arrange its removal either by reporting it online here or calling 0191 520 5550.