Take a 360 tour of Durham Cathedral in Google

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A GUIDED Google tour is taking visitors from across the world around one of the North East’s most majestic monuments.

Durham Cathedral’s chapels, nave and the choir’s stalls can be viewed in 360 degree glory – all at the click of a button.

The internet giant’s experts have painstakingly pieced together photos taken inside and out by trolley-mounted cameras over two days.

Catherine Hodgson, pictured, the cathedral’s marketing officer, said: “We thought it would be a really good opportunity to showcase the interior of the cathedral.

“Usually buildings take about two hours to do, so it goes to show how the cathedral was a bit of a challenge because of its varying levels.

“We hope that as well as being able to take in the cathedral, it will encourage more people to come an visit and experience it for themselves, because visually it’s amazing to see it that way, but it’s no comparison to seeing it in person.”

She added it will also make it possible for people with mobility issues to see some of its most inaccessible areas with ease.

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GOOGLE INVITE: 'Catherine Hodgson, marketing officer for Durham Cathedral.

GOOGLE INVITE: 'Catherine Hodgson, marketing officer for Durham Cathedral.