Swindling son jailed after being shopped by his mum

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A VENGEFUL son who helped himself to his parents’ bank account after being sent home early from a holiday abroad has been jailed.

Dean Sinclair went on a spending spree with the cashcard after parents Tracy and Gary refused to put up with his bad behaviour.

The 22-year-old travelled across the north of England, dipping into the account as he went, despite his dad having just been made redundant.

Gary and Tracy had sent Dean home after his bad behaviour during a family trip to a wedding in Cyprus in June last year.

The couple gave him a house key and £200 fare – then sent him on his way.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that when the 22-year-old got back home, he raided his mum’s wardrobe and took her cashcard from her handbag.

He then took “revenge” on his parents by going on a week-long spending spree.

By the time they got back, he had racked up a bill of £1,682.

The couple only discovered the money was missing when they checked to see if a redundancy payout had been put into their account.

Sinclair, of Council Avenue, Shiney Row, admitted 13 charges of fraud.

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court: “In total, there were 13 transactions across a variety of locations, Hull, Rotherham and Greater Manchester area, showing he had travelled around in the week they had been absent.”

The court heard Mrs Sinclair had told police she found herself in a very difficult situation.

“She does not wish to put her son through a prosecution,” said Mr Bunch. “But feels his conduct is such she has to do what is necessary.”

The court heard the bank has refunded the cash which was taken from the account.

Judge Esmond Faulks jailed Sinclair, who was on a suspended sentence at the time, for 36 weeks.

The judge told him: “It seems to me your behaviour demonstrates a form of revenge on your parents because you were angry about the row.

“It also demonstrates you were in breach of trust because they trusted you with the run of the house.”

Lee Fish, mitigating, said Sinclair, who has a string of previous convictions, appreciates the “meanness” of the offences and is trying to turn his back on crime.

“The temptation to spend this money was too great for him to resist.

“He regrets these offences, he demonstrates real remorse for committing them.”