Supermarket flat tyre hero becomes Facebook sensation

GOOD DEED: Tom Coyle as he helps the customer.
GOOD DEED: Tom Coyle as he helps the customer.
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A SUPERMARKET worker has become a social media star after his good deed attracted praise from tens of thousands of people.

Linsey Smith, from Houghton, put a photograph on Facebook and Twitter of Sainsbury’s staff member Tom Coyle helping a customer change a flat tyre before packing away his mobility scooter.

Tom, from Washington, was spotted offering the help at the store in the town earlier this week along with a colleague.

Since it was posted on Facebook, the picture has attracted more than 56,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments, as well as a flurry of tweets, with kind words being sent from as far afield as America.

While Tom has been modest following all the attention heaped on him online and during his shifts at the shop, his good guy reputation continues to grow.

Linsey, who had been at the store enjoying breakfast in its cafe, had gone down to speak to Tom and pass on her comments before passing on her praise to his boss.

She said she decided to post her photo online to help focus on the positives in life, rather than the negative, with the huge response sparked after a friend of hers shared the piece and also posted it on Sainsbury’s Facebook page.

Both Linsey and Tom have said they have been overwhelmed by the reaction.

She said: “I went down to say to him that I thought it was fab. People don’t seem to do that any more, and then I went and left a note for his manager.

“He has said we need to remember all the staff who work really hard. This is proof that there is more power in identifying good than bad. Tom said he’s a bit embarrassed and it’s just what he does.”

Malcolm Mitchell, the store’s manager, said: “Tom is a great guy and it’s really good to see him getting this deserved praise and recognition from so many people. We are all very proud of him.”

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