Super slimmer Sarah hopes to inspire others

Sarah Dickinson before and after losing her excess weight.
Sarah Dickinson before and after losing her excess weight.
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A slimmer who changed her life when she lost the weight which was making her unwell now hopes to help others to do the same.

Sarah Dickinson, 39, transformed her body and her career after deciding it was time to get rid of her excess weight once and for all.

The mum of one joined the Seaham Methodist Church Slimming World group October 2014 in the hope that losing the excess pounds would stop the regular migraines which plagued her daily life.

Starting the group weighing 11 stone 4.5lb and a size 14-16; five foot four Sarah managed to get down to 10 stone 1.5lb by December 2014. Now she weighs a healthy nine stone 12lb and is a size 10-12 reaching this target in November 2015.

Sarah, from Dawdon, Seaham, said: “I suffered from a lot of headaches and migraines and I knew from previous experience that when I weighed a bit less they improved a lot. One of my friends was a member of Slimming World and had some amazing results and she never seemed to stop eating. I had tried to follow the plan myself but didn’t really understand it enough, so I decided to take the plunge and join.

“My mother and daughter decided to join with me and I set myself a target of losing 12lb at a 1lb a week, which bought a countdown to Christmas. I soon realised that it was achievable to set my target a little lower. On my 12th week, I reached my new target and had lost 17lb so Christmas was an extra special celebration.”

Before joining Slimming World Sarah said she would typically eat a bagel from McDonalds for breakfast; a jacket potato or sandwich from Greggs for lunch and meals like spaghetti bolognes for dinner.

The super slimmer said she still eats a lot but puts her weight loss down to cutting out fatty meats and oils in her cooking. 
“I cook everything from scratch now, but still have a full English for breakfast and the odd take-away,” she said.

“It’s all about controlling the portions of fatty products such as milk, cheese and butter,” she said.
“I have changed my way of cooking, before I would use fatty meats and oils but now I use 5% fat mince and make my own tomato sauce.

“I was also able to eat ‘free foods’ such as pasta and fruit.”

Sarah’s most surprising outcome though is finding a new career path. She is currently an employability tutor for Learning Concepts working with lone parents helping them get into work. This love of helping people caused Sarah to open a new Slimming World group in Murton where she is a consultant.

She said: “I love helping people and thought if my job involves helping people into work I could also help people with their health. I loved being a member of the group and I believe that nothing is more important than your health.”

The group will be held at the Glebe Centre in Murton, on a Thursday night at 7pm with the first session on January 7. For more information, contact Sarah on 07821 559801.