Sunderland Young Achievers are an inspiration

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EACH one had a story. Each one had made a sacrifice. And, last night, each one was recognised for their determination and guts.

Now in their 19th year, Sunderland Young Achiever’s Awards shines the spotlight on some of the city’s most courageous and inspirational young people.

Young Achievers Awards 2012 - Shanice Davison Sport 11-14 year old (Overall winner)

Young Achievers Awards 2012 - Shanice Davison Sport 11-14 year old (Overall winner)

Whether they have succeeded in sport, volunteering or just their outstanding performance at school, all of the youngsters aged 11 to 20 are stars in their own right.

Young gymnast Shanice Davison, of Albany, Washington, tumbled her way to victory last night when she was crowned overall winner of the evening as well as scooping the sport 11 to 14 award.

The 11-year-old Biddick Sports College pupil has represented Great Britain in a string of top competitions after she first discovered her talents five years ago.

In November, Shanice took part in her first World Championships, where she only just missed out on a medal, coming in fourth.

Clutching her award, the talented tumbler, who trains with Deerness High Performance Academy in Durham, said: “I’m really happy to receive both awards.

“I was really nervous but it’s really good to have both awards. I love tumbling and gymnastics and would like to carry it on.”

As part of her overall award, Shanice received £100, which she will use towards her tumbling.

SAFC defender Wes Brown was at the awards, which was held at the Stadium of Light, to present the Group Sports awards to the Blue Watch Youth Centre C2C.

He said: “It’s fantastic to see a lot of great young people from Sunderland doing so well.

“A lot of them have achieved some great things and it’s good to have these sorts of awards to show what kids are doing.

“Whether these children are helping disabled parents or doing charity work or great sports, it’s great that the good things they do are being highlighted with awards like this.”

Speaking after the ceremony, the leader of Sunderland City Council, Paul Watson said: “I’m absolutely gobsmacked to see the selflessness of the young people that we have got in the city.

“The sacrifices many make with no reward for themselves is unbelievable. We have seen people overcome incredible adversities to make things better for other people.

“It’s great to see these young people are working among us.”

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Music and Performing Arts 11-14

Winner: Christopher Stewart Turnbull

Highly Commended: Jack Loftus

Personal Achievement 11-14

Winner: Josh Dunn

Highly Commended: James William Almond

Service to the Community 11-14

Winner: Macy Youngman

Highly Commended: Sarah Behan

Academic Achievement 11-14

Winner: Emily Grace Piercy

Highly Commended: Shannon Hall

Sport 11-14

Winner: Shanice Davison

Highly Commended: Bailey Baker

Young Carer 11-14

Winner: Daryl Aldred

Highly Commended: Annabelle Clark

Volunteer 11-14

Winner: Chloe Tumilty

Highly Commended: Kristopher Hayes

Music and Performing Arts 15-20

Winner: Daniel John Raymond Magson

Highly Commended: Bradley Johnston

Personal Achievements 15-20

Winner: Jodie Michelle McLardy

Highly Commended: David Crone

Service to the Community 15-20

Winner: Nathan Robert Brown

Highly Commended: James Mavin

Highly Commended: Michael Purvis

Academic Achievement 15-20

Winner: Rachael Gibson

Winner: Asadollah Ibrahimi

Highly Commended: Sophie Binyon

Sport 15-20

Winner: Matt Wylie

Highly Commended: Jennifer Tatters

Young Carer 15-20

Winner: Bethany McHugh

Volunteer 15-20

Winner: Konner McCully

Highly Commended: Liam Waddle

Music and Performing Arts 11-20

Winner: Hip Hop Honeyz dance group

Service to the Community 11-20

Winner: 24/24

Highly Commended: Venerable Bede School Anti-Bullying Group

Sport 11-20

Winner: Blue Watch Youth Centre - C2C

Highly Commended: Blue Watch Youth Centre

Overall Winner: Shanice Davison