Sunderland teen flees burning bed after TV causes fire

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A TEENAGE girl had a lucky escape early today when an overheating TV set fire to her bed.

The girl, her mother and teenage brother all escaped unharmed after being woken by a smoke alarm at their home in Redwood Grove, Tunstall, at 6am.

The father of the family had left for work earlier.

A crew from North Moor fire station tackled the blaze and crew manager Warren Mulvaney was in no doubt the family had had a lucky escape:

He said: “The fire started due to a TV which had been left on overnight in a bedroom and which has overheated and set fire to clothes and the bed itself.” he said.

“Fortunately, the smoke alarm woke them up, enabling the family to evacuate the house.

“If they had not had the smoke alarm, the consequences could have been a lot more serious,” he said. “The daughter was actually in the bed, which was alight.”

Just days ago, the Echo told how a smoke alarm saved the lives of a Hendon couple who fled their home after a fire.