Sunderland swingers’ club venue revealed

Site of swingers club in Villiers Street, Sunderland.
Site of swingers club in Villiers Street, Sunderland.
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THIS is the secret site of a new swingers’ club in Sunderland.

The club is gearing up to open its doors in the city centre later this month and the Echo can reveal its location is on Villiers Street in Sunniside.

As reported last week in the Echo, bosses behind the club have spent two years planning for the launch of Secrets, which includes a “Greedy Girls’ night” on its bill.

Club bosses had been keeping the venue of the club under tight wraps, urging punters to ring a mobile number 24 hours before to find out the location.

But Villiers Street in the city centre being unveiled as the club’s base has met with a mixed reaction from residents and workers in the area.

Natalie Dinsdale, of Edmundson Building and Preservation Ltd next to the venue, said: “It was a shock when we first found out it was going to be next door.

“It was a shock to think anyone would put something like that in the city centre and we were far from over the moon.

“Fair enough it will be on a night time so we won’t be here then but I don’t want to be knowing what’s happening next door to us.”

A resident who lives near the club added: “I don’t think it’s a good idea. Who wants this on their doorstep?

“There’s young women who will have to walk home past there and they won’t want to be hassled by all of the drunk men coming out of there.

“There’s a youth club near here too and this is supposed to be part of a redevelopment of the city centre. It’s not right.”

Sam Bilcher, who works in the area, said the opening of the club does not bother him.

“We’re here nine to five so it’s not going to affect us at all and this area tends to be dead after 6pm,” he said.

“I suppose I can sympathise with anyone living round here but it’s not very residential so I guess that’s why they chose it.”

Colleague Neal Wright said: “I don’t think they’re doing any harm, I could think of worse things to be opening along there.

“As long as no-one’s getting hurt then what’s the fuss? I bet no-one would even notice it if they didn’t know it was there.”

The club claims to “encourage swinging in every way, shape and form” and while brothels are illegal, there is no suggestion sex is being sold at Secrets, meaning it is not breaking the law.

Swinging, whereby couples swap sexual partners, is legal and clubs may not need a special council licence.

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