Sunderland super slimmer sheds 10 stone and is now almost half her size

A young Sunderland woman is almost half the girl she used to be after shedding more than 10 stone.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 6:00 am
Lyndsey Bruce (left) with Slimming World consultant Kim Whitehouse.

Care worker Lyndsey Bruce has seen her weight plummet after deciding enough was enough.

In a year she has lost an incredible 10st 2.5lb and is almost at her target weight.

Lyndsey Bruce in her uniform as a care worker.

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Lyndsey, 24, said she had stuggled with her weight since she was young, with a lot of yo-yo dieting.

She said: “I was always big, even as a kid, and right through school I was always losing a bit and then putting it back on.”

But, when doctors revealed the former Thornhill School pupil had high blood pressure, it was the wake up call the Thorney Close woman needed to join a Slimming World group.

She said: “Being told I had high blood pressure at a young age was a shock, especially when the doctor explained how dangerous it was.

Lyndsey Bruce loses 10 stone through Slimming World.

“I knew I had to do something or I could die before I was 40 years old.”

Lyndsey said she wasn’t one for weighing herself, so when she stepped on the scales at her first Slimming World meeting she was stunned to see she weighed 23st 9.5lb.

After years of eating takeaways, sweets, and all fatty foods, Lyndsey said she was determined to turn her life around.

She said: “I used to just eat and eat really, I would snack all the time and lived off takeaways, I never ate fruit and vegetables.”

Lyndsey Bruce before she shed 10 stones.

But, with the help of her supportive partner, Daniel Hinder, 25, who cooks all her healthy meals, she has stuck to her diet and now feels better than ever.

Lyndsey said: “The first three months it was really hard, but now I love the healthy food and it is just a way of life.

“Nobody will ever understand the difference Slimming World has made to my life.

“I’m so confident now and I’ve never been happier. My health has improved and I no longer take tablets.

Lyndsey Bruce (left) with Slimming World consultant Kim Whitehouse.

“My fitness has improved massively, I can now do a gym session after a 12-hour shift at work.

“Another big difference is that I don’t have to dress older than I should be, I can now walk into a shop and pick up nice clothes that are fashionable for my age. It feels so good.

“I have now lost 10 stone this was something I only ever dreamed of and now I’ve done it my dreams have come true.”

Lyndsey said she couldn’t have done it without the support of her family and friends and all the group at Slimming World who has spurred her on.

She said the group leader, Kim Whitehouse, has been a fantastic support to her.

Lyndsey said: “Everyone has played their part supporting me on my amazing journey and I’m so thankful.”

Lyndsey Bruce in one of the care worker uniforms she wore before shedding 10 stone.