Sunderland student’s desperate search for news after Japan earthquake

Tomoko Seko from Japan
Tomoko Seko from Japan
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A SUNDERLAND University graduate has told of her panic at trying to find out if her parents were OK after yesterday’s earthquake.

Tamoko Seko, 44, who is from Japan, frantically tried to get in contact with her mum Akiko and dad Yuzo, who are both in their 70s, in the wake of the disaster.

Ms Seko (right), who graduated from the university last year with a degree in fine art, said: “I tried to contact my family by calling them but the connection was not good.

“I was worried so I called back and both my father and mother were there.”

Ms Seko said it took a number of attempts to reach her parents, who live near Mount Fuji.

“I spoke to them and my mother said the building she was in started to shake when the earthquake came.

“It kept on shaking for five whole minutes, then when she finally got outside it stopped.

“After that she just went back home to be safe.”