Sunderland striker Fraizer Campbell’s brother sings to stay in the X Factor

The Risk with Ashford Campbell at the end on the right. Below, Fraizer Campbell.
The Risk with Ashford Campbell at the end on the right. Below, Fraizer Campbell.
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STRIKER Fraizer Campbell will be hoping his brother scores on the X Factor this weekend

The Black Cats star has become a regular to the ITV studios where the hit talent show is filmed to cheer on younger brother Ashford.

VICTIM OF RACISM ... Sunderland striker Fraizer Campbell.

VICTIM OF RACISM ... Sunderland striker Fraizer Campbell.

Singer Ashford has proved popular on the most talked-about show in Britain, especially with judge Tulisa who last week asked him to return as part of group The Risk.

He had previously been voted off the show with former group Nu Vibe.

Fraizer, 23, said: “It’s brilliant that they’ve asked him back. I don’t think it’s ever happened before. I couldn’t believe it when he rang me up to tell me.

“It shows that they must think he has talent to have given him another chance.”

The Risk were left in need of a singer after Ashley J Baptiste decided to leave the manufactured boyband.

Tonight, the show’s remaining acts will perform club classic songs in front of the millions who tune in each week.

Fraizer said: “He did really well last week, especially considering that he travelled to London on Friday night and only had Saturday to practice.

“It could have been difficult for him to join another band, but he looks the part and he gets on with the lads. I think the contest is pretty open this year. Anyone could win it.”

Fraizer added: “When you watch Ashford on TV it’s less stressful, but it’s tense in the studios. The audience has to sit in their seats for three hours without leaving, not even to go the toilet. You have to switch your phone off too.

“There’s a security guard there who hates me. I’ve been told off for using my phone to text my mum even before the show has gone on air.”

Singing runs in the Campbell family with dad Keith also having appeared on a TV talent show in the past which was hosted by Michael Barrymore.

Fraizer said: “It does run in the family. I can sing too, but I chose not to go down that route.”

The X Factor is on Saturday and Sunday on ITV1.