Sunderland software company creates program for blockbuster-style filmmaking

Waymark's Paul Lofthouse (left) with Ian Wright (centre) and Steve Reeves.
Waymark's Paul Lofthouse (left) with Ian Wright (centre) and Steve Reeves.
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A Wearside media company has had its software streamlined to give viewers a clear picture.

Waymark, a bespoke software house, was only too happy to help creative media company New World Designs, based in Sunderland Software Centre.

The challenge to Waymark was to further develop and automate a filming effect called bullet time - made famous in the Hollywood blockbuster The Matrix.

It is a means of slowing a film down and allowing the audience a 360-degree view of a chosen scene.

New World Designs are specialists in this field and has created a specialist Instacam360 rig with up to 50 cameras which capture the action from a scene.

The company’s challenge was that once captured, the editing of the video to create the special effects could take up to three or four days.

Waymark developers came up with a bespoke solution that has cut the process to minutes.

“Their solution is ideal and will save us huge amounts of time,” said New World Designs co-owner Ian Wright, who graduated from the University of Sunderland.

Paul Lofthouse, commercial director at Waymark, said: “It’s great to see our solution making such a difference.

“The challenge to us was something a bit different, but the objective was clear.

“I think we’ve succeeded in improving their production quality while at the same time saving them valuable time.”

The updated software will be first used on an advert that New World Designs has been commissioned to produce, but the company will be using it regularly from now on.