Sunderland singer turns her back on X Factor to audtion for The Voice + VIDEO

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X FACTOR reject Lana Kennedy is turning her back on Simon Cowell and co as she gears up to audition for rival TV show The Voice.

The 26-year-old is determined not to give up on her dream of becoming a popstar and is turning her efforts towards X Factor rival The Voice. her colour  poster. Lana Kennedy of Grindon auditioned for the X Factor but was unsuccessful her colour poster. Lana Kennedy of Grindon auditioned for the X Factor but was unsuccessful

The mum-of-two has been invited to Manchester in September to audition for next year’s show after being given the boot by X Factor producers.

The pub and club singer hopes now is her time to shine on stage and has already been practising her rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s Mr Know It All.

Lana, of Greenwood Road, Grindon, said: “It’s been difficult but I’m not going to give up and will always keep trying as this is what I love doing.”

She has already caught the attention of one of the BBC1 show’s coaches,, who retweeted a YouTube video of her singing to his Twitter followers.

Despite that, if she gets through the audition stages, she would like judge Danny O’Donoghue, of The Script, to be her mentor.

“I watched The Voice this year and I thought it was great,” she said. “It was a lot better than The X Factor.

“Everyone on it is a good singer and there’s none of the gimmicks that are on The X Factor. It’s all about the singing and that’s what I want.

“I feel that I will have more of a chance on The Voice.”

In March, Lana appeared in the Echo when she slammed The X Factor after being shown the door before even being put before the judges.

After queuing for more than seven hours, she was told her voice was not strong enough for the show despite, she claimed, talentless people dressed as Dalmations being put through.

 “This is something I really want to do and I’m determined to get there,” said Lana, who started singing aged 16.

In September, Lana will take part in the first round of auditions in front of show producers for The Voice.

Successful singers will then have to take part in a second audition before performing in front of the mentors.

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