Sunderland set for People's Vote march as 'No-Deal Brexit crisis looms'

A rally is to be held in Sunderland by a campaign which says the city is 'changing its mind' over Brexit.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 10:03 am
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 10:07 am
The People's Vote campaign will hold a rally in Sunderland next month.

Anna Soubry, a Conservative MP, will lead NE4EU March and Rally for a People's Vote in the city on Saturday, October 6, as it says the "tide is turning in former Leave capital Sunderland."

The results for the 2016 EU referendum in Sunderland showed 61.3% - 82,394 voters - backed the leave call, while 38.7% - 51,930 - backed the remain vote.

Counted votes following the EU Referendum in Sunderland.

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Nationally, 51.9% - 17,410,742 votes - backed a departure from the European Union, while 48.1% - 16,141,241 votes - were in favour of remaining, with 72.2% of the 46,501,241 electorate turning out to vote and 26,033 rejected ballots recorded.

Ms Soubry will be joined by North East Labour MP for Sedgefield Phil Wilson and other local and national figures including a North East hospital doctor and a Veterans' for Europe ex-serviceman.

A spokesman for the event said: "As Theresa May's Chequers deal lies in tatters, a catastrophic No-Deal Brexit looms and the North East is set to be the region worst hit by it.

"NE4EU will hold a People's Vote March and Rally in the city on Sunday October 6th, led by Anna Soubry, who has emerged as a leading light in challenging Brexit in Parliament and a high profile supporter of the cross-party campaign for a People's Vote.

The march will begin at Mowbray Park before heading for Keel Square.

"Organisers NE4EU are responding to a growing realisation on Wearside that Brexit is turning out to be a bum deal that will seriously damage jobs, prosperity, and public services in the North East.

"They cite strong evidence that the Sunderland public is changing its mind as Theresa May's Bad-Deal or No-Deal Brexit looms. including street stall 'Brexitometer' polls showing overwhelming concern at how Brexit negotiations are going and strong backing for a People's Vote on the final deal."

The march will assemble at 1.30pm at Mowbray Park, next to the war memorial, and proceed to Keel Square in the city centre for a rally where speeches will be given.

NE4EU spokesperson and native of Sunderland Louise Brown said: "Whichever way you voted in the referendum, no-one did so to be worse off and have food and medicine shortages.

"Many of us in NE4EU are from Sunderland and are terrified at the way the government is handling the Brexit negotiations.

"We are particularly worried about the impact on local jobs especially with Nissan, who are so important to our economy, clearly stating they need the UK to stay in the Single Market to stay profitable.

"We are delighted that a high profile national politician like Anna Soubry will be attending our Sunderland march and rally on October 6 and will be our rally's keynote speaker, along with North East MP Phil Wilson and speakers from the NHS and local businesses.

"Following successful marches and rallies in Newcastle, and given a dramatic change in local public opinion, we encourage all Wearsiders and all those from across the North East who are concerned about Brexit and who want a People's Vote to take part in our largest Sunderland event to date.

"Time is running out for Theresa May to get a deal and all the signs from Salzburg are that she can't.

"The time is now for the people to speak up and have their say.

"The consequences of Theresa May's Bad Deal or No Deal to Sunderland and the North East will be devastating."