Sunderland serial dad to feature in TV documentary ‘40 kids by 40 women’

"Serial Love Rat" Keith MacDonald
"Serial Love Rat" Keith MacDonald
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A WEARSIDE man who is believed to have up to 15 children by different women stars in a TV documentary this week

Keith Macdonald hit the headlines almost a decade ago when he had fathered six children by six mums.

It’s easy – they never seem to say no

Keith Macdonald, speaking to the Echo in 2005 about his nack of attracting women

The 29-year-old appeared on Jeremy Kyle where he was criticised for his lifestyle after admitting he “pulled women on the buses”.

He appears on Channel 5’s 40 Kids by 40 Women tonight, which follows the lives of Macdonald and three other serial dads, as they struggle to come to terms with the consequences of their reckless promiscuity.

Macdonald is followed on his quest to find a job and a new potential partner, using his tried and tested “pulling techniques”.

In an Echo interview in 2005, Macdonald bragged about his appeal to women, saying: “It’s easy – they never seem to say no.

“Just chat them up on the bus.

“That’s what I do and they never seem to say no. If they like you, they like you.

“Get their number and text them and arrange to meet when you come off the bus. I just pick them up like that.”

In 2009, Macdonald appeared in a BBC3 documentary entitled Who’s Your Daddy?, which looks at the impact that absent fathers have on their children.

In November 2012, Macdonald was found guilty at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court of common assault and stealing from one of his ex-partners after a row over a cheese toastie, when they were living together at a house on Wearside.

Also on the programme is Mike, a 56-year-old-former fairground operator from Wales, who is a self-professed womaniser and sex addict; Nick, a pub landlord from Newport who has a fiancé less than half his age and a 11-month-old son who is younger than some of his grandkids, and Russian, a charismatic mechanic from Hackney in London, whose partiality for dancehall parties and outrageous outfits has seen him father 12 children from 10 different women.

•40 Kids by 40 Women is on Channel 5 at 9pm tomorrow.