Sunderland seafront wave dodgers warned they're dicing with death

Youngsters who have been 'wave dodging' at Sunderland seafront have been warned that they are risking their lives.

Sunday, 14th October 2018, 6:18 pm
Updated Sunday, 14th October 2018, 6:28 pm
Waves crashing on to the promenade at Seaburn. Pic: Ian Maggiore.

The warning comes after emergency services were called to the steps opposite the Grand Hotel (the former Marriott) at Seaburn yesterday evening.

Storm Callum had whipped the sea up so waves were breaking over the length of the promenade.

Waves crashing on to the promenade at Seaburn. Pic: Ian Maggiore.

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Police and the Sunderland Coastguard rescue team attended, after reports of youngsters 'wave dodging' in the area.

As the footage from readers shows, some youngsters were even taking part in the dangerous game after dark.

A spokesman for the Coastguard team said: "On arrival, the youths had left the area, but were located on the promenade further south beneath Cliff Park.

"Safety advice was offered, with the boys promising to keep away from the promenade."

Waves crashing onto the seafront at Seaburn. Pic: Ian Maggiore.

The spokesman added: "Recent gale force conditions had caused the sea to break over the length of the promenade. This can present serious danger to anyone in the area.

"Besides being soaked at the best, people can be knocked off their feet and injured or potentially dragged into the sea and drowned.

"This is especially the case near areas open to the sea, such as steps, ramps and where safety railings have wide spacing.

"Please enjoy the spectacular sights on the seafront but keep well away from promenades when they are awash.

"Sadly, fatalities have occurred both locally and around the UK in the past when people 'wave-dodge' or get too close to the water."