Sunderland seafront needs lots of maintenance

I used to write to the Leader of the Council, Mr Watson, mostly on the maintenance of our coastal resort, most of which he managed to get sorted.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 5:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 5:21 pm
Our writer wants to know why horse riders don't have to pick up their mess.

I now have a few queries I have passed on to the council, which I am sure the general public would like to read about.

1. It is good to see most people tidy up after their dog messes.

On the sand and promenade, why has a law not been passed for the same respect from horse riders/handlers?

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A horse messing the promenade is an understatement.

The council staff who empty the bins are very competent in tidying up for the public. Good lads.

Maybe it would be better to ban horses from the beach and promenade? The public would like that.

2. Does anyone know when that unsightly missing stone from our famous Roker wall below the RNLI tower will be replaced?

It lowers the tone of our city of culture.

3. Outside the RNLI tower, for as long as I can remember, an old charity mine has stood there. Now it is a dirty dark red.

I always remembered it as pillar box red. Could the GPO donate some of its red paint?

4. People will notice that the old toilets at the old tram shelter are being refurbished after many decades.

The old rock-solid glass roof has been removed (no more natural light). I would have thought natural light would have been a boon in such a place, hence its use in the first place.

5. And will the old drinking tap be refurbished for use again, or just remain an ugly ornament of the past, like the one opposite the Bents estate?

Since work has started on new, and old toilets, the long-used toilet at the cliff-top cafe seem to be closed permanently, much to the dismay of myself, and I am sure many other people.

John Stott,