Sunderland schoolgirl Sophie saves her mum

Sophie Mccabe, 10, raised the alarm after her mother Helen fell ill.
Sophie Mccabe, 10, raised the alarm after her mother Helen fell ill.
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YOUNG Sophie McCabe has been hailed a heroine after saving her mum from slipping into a potentially fatal coma.

The 10-year-old, of Radcliffe Road, Red House, had been told by her grandparents not to disturb mum Helen, 31, who gave birth to son Charlie just three weeks ago, as she took an afternoon nap.

But quick-thinking Sophie raised the alarm after hearing her mum moaning in pain.

Helen, 31, who was diagnosed as being diabetic nine years ago, said: “I still can’t believe it. I’d gone upstairs because Charlie had had me up all night.

“I can’t remember anything until the ambulance came, but apparently I fell out of bed and started fitting.

“Sophie was downstairs and heard me.

“I couldn’t breathe properly and those were the noises that she must have heard when I was on the floor.”

Sophie, who goes to Castletown Primary School, then raised the alarm by telling her grandma Pam, 52, who lives next door.

Paramedics quickly arrived and secured an intravenous drip to Helen before taking her to hospital for treatment.

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Grandad John, 60, said of Sophie’s actions: “I’m just thankful she did what she did and Helen is still here.

“The doctors said if the alarm hadn’t been raised she could have been dead.”

Helen revealed that an incident involving her own mum, Pam, 52, will have helped Sophie to cope with the terrifying situation.

“My mam had a brain haemorrhage six years ago and she always runs through with Sophie what to do in an emergency,” said Helen.

“After what happened with me, Sophie said “mam, I only remembered what to do because of what nana told me”.”

Helen is now back at home and recovering with her partner John Knowles, 39, who works at Nissan.

She is still in some pain and finding it difficult to speak after biting her tongue when she fitted.

Helen, who hopes to start a university course studying nursing early next year, added: “I was still recovering from having my son when this happened, so it’s knocked me back a bit.

“I’m starting to get a bit better now though.”

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