Sunderland’s Kate Middleton banned from Facebook because of her Royal Wedding name

Kate and husband Tony.
Kate and husband Tony.
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SUNDERLAND’S very own Kate Middleton today told how her Royal name has become a royal pain.

The Penywell lass, who got engaged the day before Prince William and the “other” Kate Middleton, recently logged on to her Facebook account - only to find herself locked out.

“Believe it or not, Facebook cancelled my account – telling me I was using a fake name,” she said.

Kate’s surname is not the only similarity she shared with today’s blushing bride.

The pair are both aged 29, but our Kate beat her namesake to the altar, having just tied the knot with fiancé Tony Smith.

Kate, who grew up at Herrington WMC where her parents were stewards, said: “My name certainly raised a few eyebrows when William started going out with Kate Middleton, and I got loads more comments after they got engaged as well.”

She added: “It’s not so bad now, as my married name is a lot more anonymous, but if I ever have to pay a bill in my maiden name, people always ask about it.”

Kate and new husband Tony, a data communications engineer, are planning to celebrate the Royal Wedding at a community picnic in the Yorkshire village they live in as man and wife.

“I wish the other Kate Middleton all the best - even if her name has caused me some problems,” she said.

“She is really going to be in the spotlight now, and not everyone can cope with that.

“I don’t think I could, but I wish them a happy future.”