Sunderland’s dog dirt capital

A responsible dog owner in Hendon
A responsible dog owner in Hendon
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COUNCIL bosses dished out more than 60 fines to pet owners in 12 months after their dogs fouled Wearside’s streets.

Hendon was the place where most fixed penalty notices were handed out – with eight between August 2011 and August 2012.

In total Sunderland City Council handed out 61 fines worth £3,450 - down from the same period in 2010 and 2011 when 109 notices were issued totalling £5,250.

In that 12 months Hendon and Millfield were the worst areas with 10 fines handed out. In 2011 to 2012 Millfield fines dropped to just three.

Hendon ward councillor Barbara McClennan said: “One could argue that it’s the best place because the officers are handing more notices out and showing that we take this matter seriously.

“And it is also an indication that the council take this matter seriously.

“Dog owners need to adopt a serious attitude to their pets fouling and when they take them out for a walk take bags and clean up after them. It’s a simple enough solution.”

Sunderland Mayor Iain Kay, who also represents Millfield, said his ward was working hard to win the battle.

He said: “If we have dropped so far down the list then I know that our team at ward level has been really active in tackling this problem, and been proactive about dog fouling.

“I know from talking to people that dog fouling is still an issue that isn’t going away.

“We will hand out notices to people if and when appropriate. If local people are not picking up after their dog we will take action.”

Council figures revealed that February has been the muckiest month so far this year, with 10 fixed penalty notices handed out but June was foul-free with no fines.

In October 2010 16 fines were handed out in just one month.

Councillor James Blackburn, Sunderland City Council portfolio holder for city services, said the council was committed to cracking down on the problem.

He said: “Dog fouling is another form of antisocial behaviour which will not be tolerated in our city. Tackling this problem remains a priority for Sunderland City Council.

“Enviroment enforcement officers who patrol every neighbourhood focus efforts on the areas of most concern, based upon reported incidents and local intelligence supplied by residents.”

If you have information about dog fouling, or any other enviromental crime, please contact Sunderland City council on 520 5555.

Areas where penalties were issued between August 2011 to August 2012

Albany 1

Ayton 1

Barmston 1

Biddick 1

Blackfell 1

Concord 2

Sulgrave 2

Downhill 5

Easington Lane 2

East Rainton 2

Fulwell 4

Grangetown 1

Hendon 8


Hetton 5

Houghton 2

Hylton Castle 5

Millfield 3

New Herrington 1

Oxclose 3

Usworth 1

Pallion 1

Rickleton 1

Roker 1

Shiney Row 3

Southwick 2

Springwell Village 1

The Echo took to the streets to ask about the problem.

Barbara Gallagher, 50, from Villette Road, Hendon, said: “I’ve seen an improvement in the back lanes, it’s just the main streets.

“When my grandkids come, they stand in it because they don’t see it under their shoes.

“It’s not as bad as it was in the back lanes though, when the kids go out there doesn’t seem to be as much. The bin men are very good a cleaning it up.”

Anne Arckle, 73, a former Hendon resident who now lives in Plains Farm said: “It’s terrible, I used to live in Hendon and it’s really bad.

“I moved to Plains Farm and there’s not a bit of a problem there.”

Steven Clark, who works in Hendon, added: “It is a problem and dog owners really should clean up after their pets.

“I’ve got five dogs and I know how much mess they make, but you have to clean it up.”