Sunderland’s Di Canio eats Magpies for breakfast

Photo montage by Dominic Thierry
Photo montage by Dominic Thierry
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BLACK Cats fans Dominic Thierry produced this stunning image of Paolo Di Canio to get fans in the right spirit for tomorrow.

Twenty-six-year-old Dominic has been working as a freelance digital artist since leaving St Aidan’s sixth form in 2004.

“At school I was creative with traditional art, but when I left I taught myself Photoshop by taking YouTube tutorials,” he said.

“I started out doing pretty mundane basic Photoshop jobs using a freelancer site, through which I’ve built working relationships with a number of agents around the world and I now have a decent client list on my CV including Nike, Golden Flow, and National Geographic.”

The Di Canio image is just the latest in a series Dominic has produced for his beloved Sunderland and has proved a hit on Twitter with the club’s fans.

“I feel a responsibility to bring out a new image each season now, the fans seem to love it,” he said.

“Last year I created the Subbuteo image with Martin O’Neill, but this Di Canio image seems to be more popular. I’ve been a fan of Sunderland for as long as I can remember,” he said.

“I’m sure the Di Canio era will bring a few more smiles.”

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