Sunderland ‘rate your s**g’ Facebook page shut down

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A FACEBOOK page where Sunderland teens gave their sexual partners marks out of 10 and graphically described their bedroom antics has been shut down.

The social media website said that Rate Your S**g pages constituted harassment and those that had been reported were swiftly removed.

Unofficially linked to cities including Sunderland and Newcastle, the groups were “liked” by thousands of people within days of being created.

Tens of thousands of people signed up for updates before they were closed down.

The Sunderland page had graphic descriptions of sexual acts and contained insults about bedroom performances.

People contributed from the page from places including Pallion, Houghton, Southwick and Hylton Castle.

Members of the group were asked to privately contact the administrator with the name of an individual, describe that person’s sexual performance and then rate them.

Those details were then posted anonymously, with the subject unaware that their private sex life was being publicly discussed.

The pages first appeared in the North East at the beginning of May and quickly attracted criticism from student bodies and university officials. The Sunderland page was more recent and was taken down after only a short time.

In response to the deletions, a Facebook spokesperson said: “There is no place for harassment on Facebook, but unfortunately a small minority of malicious individuals exist online, just as they do offline.”

The sites were deleted as the social media giant acknowledged that its system to police hate speech, particularly gender-based hate, had failed.