Sunderland party goers warned about thieves

Sunderland city centre.
Sunderland city centre.
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Police in Sunderland are warning people going into the city for a night out not to become a victim of thieves.

The warning comes after a number of reports that mobile phones and handbags were stolen after being left unattended in bars and clubs in the city.

Neighbourhood Inspector Jamie Southwell, who covers the city centre, said: "Mobile phones left lying on a table or a handbag hanging on the back of a chair or on the floor are easy targets for thieves and we want to remind people to be mindful of this, keep valuable items in a safe secure place and don't leave them unattended.

"If you're not using your phone put it in your handbag and close the bag and keep it with you - either keep it in your hand or on your shoulder and make sure it can be closed securely and not opened without you realising. If you're keeping your phone in your pocket, keep it in a front pocket that can be zipped or fastened securely and again make sure it can't be opened without you realising.

"We believe that the majority of these thieves are opportunist, they're not going out with the intention of stealing but see something valuable lying unattended and take the opportunity."

Further crime prevention advice along with personal safety advice can be found on the Northumbria Police website at